Limit internet time, Limit computer time, computer parental control software,

Limit teenager internet time without the blame

GroundHog: Internet Time Limiter

The parenting resource to limit internet time of your children

GroundHog: Simply set internet time limits

Developed in a family environment for children spending too much time on the internet

Parents of teens, are you:

Teen internet time limit

Weary of the constant fight over computer time?

Always the bad guy ending internet sessions?

Finding negative effects of internet on family time and homework?

Finding it impossible to enforce limits on computer use?

Dealing with kids fighting over the computer?

Sound like you? Solve all of these common modern family issues, with Gary the GroundHog computer time enforcement. 


Limit internet time, Limit computer time,
Best Part: GroundHog it's free!

GroundHog was created by a dad for his kids.

It is simple to install, simple to use, friendly application that simply limits each child to a given amount of computer time.

GroundHog is also kid proofed there is no way a teen can break Gary.

The internet today is the biggest draw of teenager attention. Social sites like facebook and youtube are designed by marketing experts to maximize eye time.

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Limit internet time, Limit computer time
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Limit internet time, Limit computer time,

Creator's Comment

Internet use was a constant source of pain in my home; over a year I created GroundHog to solve the problem in my house. I know it can help you.

James Alexander,
Founder Mediavention


Limit internet time, Limit computer time

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